Level Design

Detailed Environments
We specialize in optimised, real-time environments suitable for games and also game cinematics.
We can jump in at any stage of the production, from pencil drafts and level block-ins, right through to final detailing and lighting tweaks.
We can also craft captivating scenes for offline render engines.

Props & Hard Surface Models

Modular assets to weapons
We can handle time consuming 'hero' props, high poly sculpts, and damage models so that your core team can focus on the task at hand.
A small, high quality set of modular props can be pushed a long way with our variation techniques. This is great for visual impact and easy on the budget.
We are also skilled in hard surface assets, next gen weapons and vehicles.

Character Design

Striking Characters
Believable and interesting characters are essential for any form of entertainment, and in particular, interactive games.
We can handle all stages of character development starting from high poly sculpt, right through to the rigging and animation stage.
This includes, humanoids, creatures and animals.

Serious Games & e-Learning

Education through immersion
We have experience in creating educational experiences in VR and also in a more traditional game format.
The key with simulations and educational games is the use of immersion to make information absorb more efficiently.
We reach new levels of immersion through our detailed and responsive visuals.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

New Experiences
We can engineer stimulating VR and AR experiences for mobile devices and also for high end HMD's such as the Vive and Oculus.
We understand the challenges and extra care that must be taken while producing a smooth VR experience.

Concept Art

Tradition meets technology
Our talented 2D artists are versed in both traditional and modern digital design skills.
Through a series of iteration and feedback, we can achieve the ideas that our clients have in their minds.
Adherence to colour and fundamental design principles.

General Workflow - Our process


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