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Mission upsurge studios

Upsurge Studios is a premium art outsourcing studio based in Melbourne, Australia. We focus on providing a wide range of quality services in both the entertainment and e-learning industries.

Our goal is to create immersive visuals based on our exact client needs with absolutely no compromise in quality at an affordable price. We are a tight knit team of handpicked, game industry veterans who live and breathe our art form. We are also proud pioneers in next gen 3D graphic creation in Australia.

Thanks to our broad range of skills, we can handle projects of any size, and style, while maintaining a rigorous schedule.


  • “We were in need of a great environment artist and we decided to look for some of the best art we could find on the internet, to set a standard and have a reference. Ben’s stuff on Artstation came up as a favorite and exactly what we were looking for. Luckily for us he agreed to work with us on several of our projects. Ben is not only a fantastic artist but a true professional. We cannot wait to work with him on our future projects!”


    Atli Mar Sviensson: CEO – Directive Games

  • “We have been working with Ben for around a year now, and he has been amazing to work with! His skills speak for themselves, but it’s his ability to work around, and, creatively solve problems that is the icing on the cake! He is patient and efficient, organized, and has a great eye. I cannot overstate his contribution, and our project wouldn’t be the same without him.”


    Dimitri Wolfwood: Owner – Ronin Applied Sciences

  • “If you want the best results in UE4, you need artists who know the engine inside and out. Working with Upsurge Studios has been a pleasure because of their engine familiarity, willingness to experiment, and continued exploration into new and evolving features.”


    Lee Snodgrass: Design Lead – Driven Arts

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