After finishing my formal game development studies in Canberra, Australia in 2010, I engaged in internships, mod projects, and freelance work until I was fortunate enough to land a dream position in Tokyo, Japan working on both games and movies.

This position exposed me to many different types of projects ranging from high-poly cinematic characters to real-time environment assets. This has allowed me to learn a wide range of skills but, more importantly, it has helped me find my true passion.

Before leaving Japan, I had worked as a contractor, and as an inhouse employee for Fromsoftware, Square Enix, Sega and many others.

These experiences filled me with an insuppressible passion to create my own game art studio, with an initial focus on bespoke level design and environment production. As the team has expanded, so have our areas of expertise and skills. I am always driven to improve my own abilities, and to create great collaborative partnerships in both games and simulations.

Benjamin Roach - Founder @ Upsurge Studios


Upsurge Studios
Breese Street
Brunswick VIC 3056